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{SSP} HAPPY NEW YEAR | Looking Back at 2016

I personally have nothing bad to say about 2016. We had our normal struggles as a family and we had our expected struggles while P has been in school since September. I never look at the new year being this "golden time" because let's face it, it never really is golden. You're going to have good moments and bad moments but it's how we all face it and deal with it that can make it or break it.

This year, we're starting something a little different thanks to a post I saw on Facebook. We will be started our year off with an empty jar and every good thing that happens this year, we will be jotting it down and putting it in the jar as a family. No matter what it is...E gets an award at school, P finishes school, I get more work, S starts school...etc. We're all going to write our happy moments and stick them in the jar. We'll read them as a family New Year's Eve 2017 and have a look back on all the great things that has happened this year. I believe it'll help us look at things differently if we have something to physically remind us how our whole year has been. To remind us not to just look back and remember the sad moments or the bad moments in our lives, but to remember the good ones and carry it with us into the new year.

We obviously hope for the best every new year, but we don't rely on it because nothing is ever perfect and we can't always stay happy and smile every day. All we can do is hope for great health, to have/give love and support to our friends, family and everyone around us and to be able to live our lives to the fullest.

Here's to 2017! May we make it the best we can, tell people how we feel more often and spend it with the people who mean the most to us!

Cheers! xx

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