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{SSP} Sweet Maya (Fall Session)

Mother nature decided that once we all arrived at the park, she was just going to let it pour with rain. So, we all agreed to wait it out because the day was weird and if it would stop for just enough time for us to get this session done, it would be amazing! So, sure enough, it started to fade and they were heading towards me and we had a light rain shower on their way but we ended up having clear enough skies just to get what they wanted.

In the beginning, Maya wouldn't have any of the session and forget sitting on the stool - she threw that out the window! Maya has a personality of her own and doesn't like to be 'tied down' for anyone.

Thanks to fruit snacks and a whole bunch of dogs in the park, she softened up. The smiles and cheeky looks started coming out and I caught all of them! :)

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