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{SSP} 7 weeks


Peighton has warmed our hearts in just the 7 weeks she's been in our lives. What we know so far is that she doesn't like baths, she has her specialty "jab kicks" with one foot, she loves being swaddled, she started smiling and giggling at a month old, she loves staring out the window while she eats during the day, and she has a love/hate relationship with her swing. She has also started sleeping 8 hr. stretches at night at 6 weeks old. We thought for SURE she was going to give us a hard time seeing as we lucked out with not one good baby but two who love their sleep. CLEARLY she's one of us because she loves her sleep and that's literally ALL she's done since she's come home. Only at 5 weeks has she finally started staying up during the day a bit more. She either sleeps 9pm-5am or 10pm-6am depending on when her previous feed was. Our house has been a revolving door this winter for illnesses. It doesn't help we've literally been in and out of either the hospital or the doctor's office since November with her deciding to try to come early and just being there weekly for her wellness visits too. We're all on the mend I hope but poor Peigh is stuffed up and finally caught up to it all. Definitely can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can enjoy being outside a lot more. Happy Valentines Day! <3

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