a huge thank you to  Amanda Dinn Photography for capturing us!

I'm Selina and I would like to welcome you to my little nook on this side of the world. I am happily married and a mom to three (Yes! THREE) precious little ladies, our Papillon-Poodle, Lilly, and our only boy; our German Shepherd-Retriever, Chewy. I love art, blueberries, roller coasters, sappy romantic movies, the smell of fresh laundry, summer days, and campfires (to name a few). I have also been skydiving and I am a coffee addict.

I thrive on how a photograph can reshape a single moment; I live and breathe for that. I love freezing time, capturing those once-in-a-lifetime pages to your story, and leaving you, breathless. Outdoor photography is especially alluring as I adore the effect of natural light and the depth and dimension that it brings to a photograph. I love meeting new people to not only share their stories...but capture them.
Contact me today and let me capture another page of your story!

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”  
― Pablo Picasso